Below are sample of DefenderShield® reviews along with television networks, publications and websites that have featured DefenderShield®.

“If you have any concern about radiation from your iOS devices or laptops, The DefenderPad is your solution.”
“Not only does DefenderPad bounce evil radiation from your delicates, it also greatly reduces heat emitted by laptops, tablets and other modern devices.”
“It noticeably stopped any heat radiation when used in the lap position.”
"Once I realized how much longer I was able to sit with my laptop on my legs without getting warm, it became more of a necessity to tote around."
“The DefenderPad helps protect you from something that is of real concern, but is invisible.”
"The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield should be as mandatory as wearing a seat belt."
"You shouldn’t keep your laptop directly on your lap, whether you’re male, female, a growing child, or a pregnant woman."
“New worries about the effects of laptop-related heat and radiation on other parts of the body are rising. To the rescue is DefenderPad, a rigid, slip-free tray that protects the lower body from heat and electromagnetic radiation generated by laptops.”
"DefenderPad laptop shield is capable of performing a “Bella” (quick reference to Twilight here), that is, being a “shield” that will block both electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and heat."
"It’s actually a bit surprising how much it absorbs heat, considering how thin the pad actually is."
“This will keep your legs from getting toasted, and will protect them from nearly 100% of ELF and RF Electromagnetic Radiation.”
"Parents and parents-to-be will be especially interested to know that DefenderPad protects against fertility issues"
“If you’re worried about laptop heat and radiation, this product will put your mind at rest…Overall this is a kickass product!”
"Anything you can do to limit your exposure to radiations is a good idea and this is why all avid laptop users out there should consider buying a DefenderPad."
The DefenderPad does an excellent job of deflecting heat.  It’s actually really cool how the heat absorbs into the pad like a sponge, but never makes it all the way through to the side resting on your lap, especially when you think about how thin the pad is — it’s only a quarter of an inch thick.

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