Henry’s Tech-Free Trip – Children’s Book

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Written By: Kylen Ribeiro & Michelle Zofrea Illustrated By: Morgan Jennings

Henry Parker is super excited to go on a weekend camping trip with his family to Blue Pond. They will stay in a cozy log cabin near beautiful mountains, tall trees, and crystal-blue waters.

But there’s a rule: no screens allowed!

Even so, Henry can’t help but sneak in a little tablet time during their fun nature adventures. Will Henry get away with using his tablet? Or will he be able to enjoy the weekend without technology?

Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9981996-2-7
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9981996-3-4

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Henry’s Tech-Free Trip – Children’s Book

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In the fast-paced world of smartphones, tablets, and endless digital distractions, Henry’s Tech-Free Trip is the first and only children’s book to create a narrative around screen time and its potentially negative effects. This relatable tale follows Henry, a curious child navigating the world of technology.

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This book not only engages young readers with its amusing plot but also equips parents with essential tools to navigate the challenges of today’s tech-savvy world. Through Henry’s endearing journey, readers are reminded of the fun that can be had when we choose to put screens away.

Based on the family of co-author Kylen Ribeiro, Henry’s Tech-Free Trip narrates the conversation between Kylen and her own children about staying mindful of screen time and enjoying technology in moderation, to limit exposure to blue light and EMF radiation–the “invisible energy that leaks from electronic devices.”

Henry’s Tech-Free Trip could not have happened without Daniel T. DeBaun, and Ryan DeBaun, authors of Radiation Nation (a great resource for adults) and co-founders of DefenderShield, whose dedication and passion for informing others about the potential harmful effects of digital technology inspired us to break down a hard-to-understand issue for those who need to know about it the most: The digital natives of the new generation.

Order your copy today and embark on a journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling tech-free life!

About the Authors:

Kylen Ribeiro leads DefenderShield and its sister company, Lightbody. As a former Florida State University swimmer and a certified yoga instructor, she values a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. Kylen is passionate about promoting digital wellness in a way that kids will understand and enjoy. She loves spending time with her loved ones, enjoying delicious food, and traveling. She resides in Tampa, Florida, with her husband Alan and two sons, Vincent and Sebastian.

Michelle Zofrea, who runs operations at DefenderShield and Lightbody, loves spreading awareness about having a healthy relationship with technology. Michelle played volleyball at Elon University and has been a lifetime student of holistic wellness. She has also long enjoyed the art of writing and has a degree in journalism. Michelle resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, with her husband Zack and enjoys beach volleyball, outdoor activities, and DIY projects.

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