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DefenderShield Independent FCC Certified Laboratory TestingDefenderShield® technology reduces harmful EMF radiation exposure to virtually undetectable levels. As independent FCC certified laboratory testing has shown, DefenderShield blocks the full frequency spectrum of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) from 0-10 GHz which includes Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) emissions. That means you can reduce health risks while still using cell phones, tablets and laptop computers.

Total EMF Protection. Ultimate Safety.

Built and handcrafted in the USA, DefenderShield EMF radiation protection solutions are unique and pioneering mobile accessories that provide the ultimate safety when using today’s modern technology. Backed by FCC certified lab testing, DefenderShield technology blocks virtually 100% of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) from computers / laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Not only that, it greatly reduces the heat touching your body. In short, DefenderShield radiation shielding products protect both you as well as your device. You can feel secure knowing you are protected anywhere, anytime with all-in-one DefenderShield EMF radiation protection solutions.

Virtually Eliminates

  • Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation (Radiation emitted from hard drives, processors etc.)
  • Radio Frequency (RF) radiation (WiFi, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Heat radiation

Helps Protect Against

  • Fertility issues
  • DNA fragmentation
  • Cell damage
  • Skin burns and rashes
  • Other serious health risks

Next-Gen Technology

  • Revolutionary tablet (including iPad), cell phone and laptop radiation shield
  • Unparalleled thermal resistance
  • FCC certified lab-tested

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Because I strongly believe that radiation from iPads is a concern, I investigated and found the DefenderShield case. Although I still restrict the amount of time my kids can use their ipads, at least I know they have some protection when they do use them.”

Miranda C.

“My boss kept raving about the DefenderPad after using it on business trips. He ended up getting one for everyone in the office. After using it, I can’t imagine using my laptop without it.”

Elliot J.

“I have a macbook and I use my DefenderPad underneath it while I travel. It’s terrific for blocking the heat from my laptop as well as all forms of EMF.”

Marco S.

“We are only beginning to know what the health ramifications of cell phone radiation. The DefenderShield cell phone radiation case is a much needed product.”

Barbara J.

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