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Does Shungite or Orgonite Protect from EMF Radiation?

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Do Shungite or Orgonite Shield EMF?

Now, more than ever, holistic, whole-body wellness is becoming a top priority in the world, especially among Millennials and the younger Generation Z.

With physical and mental health at the forefront of peoples’ minds, our everyday routines are becoming increasingly rooted in organic and healing lifestyle shifts, such as yoga, meditation, supplements, and books.

Like all the Instagram hashtags say, health is wealth!

Included in this rising mass of wellness products: Crystals. Younger and older generations alike are opting for crystal healing, an alternative practice to traditional medication that involves semi-precious stones and crystals.

These healing crystals are thought to channel therapeutic elements of the Earth. When acquiring crystals, pendants, and minerals, people are free to mix facets of faith and ancient customs to create a personal, unique spiritual practice in hopes of generating healing.

These items are said to have a laundry list of wellness attributes, such as creating contentment, increasing endorphin levels, promoting clear skin and blood flow, enhancing creativity, and eliminating toxins. These benefits are noticed by many who engage in crystal and stone healing, but they are not backed by scientific evidence.

Electromagnetic Radiation, or Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation, is one type of toxin many people seek to eliminate from their environments.

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF radiation is a low form of artificial electromagnetic energy that comes from all electronic devices, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

This radiation is all around us, as our world becomes more and more digital. With mobile devices being used around the clock, current research shows that this close-range and chronic exposure to EMF radiation can cause a slew of biological changes to the body.

These biological changes include cell damage and oxidative stress, DNA fragmentation, neurological changes that can become chronic illnesses, and fertility issues. These effects can also cause symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, like headaches, tingling, body rashes, and fatigue.

As more and more research is showing the harmful effects of this radiation, and as EMFs become more and more ubiquitous, people are searching for any way to reduce this toxin in their environment.

EMF Shielding with Crystal Stones

Two minerals in particular, Shungite and Orgonite, are said to have EMF radiation protection properties, which often leads people to believe they can utilize them to rid themselves of EMFs, once and for all.

In terms of crystal and rock healing, the majority of the supporting data is empirical. Scientific studies have not been able to pinpoint any positive or “healing” biological effects when placed on or near the body, besides sometimes inducing a relaxed state. Whether this relaxed state is due to a Placebo effect, the effect of lying down during treatment, or if there is an unmeasurable energy being dispelled, it is unclear to modern science. Hence, healing rocks and crystals are referred to as pseudo-science.

However, this doesn’t mean the empirical data should be ignored. Many people have experienced these positive effects, dating as far back as ancient times.

Although Shungite and Orgonite are said to have many health benefits, with Shungite actually having scientifically-proven detoxifying properties, it’s important to highlight the fact that Shungite and Orgonite, or any other stone or crystal, cannot scientifically block EMF radiation frequencies from entering the body or ward them off for good.

Nor can any material—separate from an electrical circuit—modify or harmonize a frequency or waveform of energy output after it has left the source, or transmitter. A material can only reduce a frequency’s intensity, not change it in any way.

Shungite for EMF Protection

Does Shungite shield EMF?

Shungite is an ancient material, the world’s oldest hydroCarbon-based rock.

Shungite has an extremely unique molecular structure. It consists of unusually large, hollow, and stable Carbon structures with a high oxidative and reductive capacity, from which Shungite derives its antioxidant properties. It has a very high Carbon and Hydrogen content, and also contains other elements like Silicate minerals, Iron, Titanium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sulfur, and Aluminum. Its high Carbon and Hydrogen content gives it a high electrical conductivity, unlike other rocks and minerals.

Shungite is a powerful mineral that has been proven to purify water due to its ability to absorb chemical pollution and heavy metals, specifically in H2O. According to a Russian study, Shungite is 30 times more effective than activated Carbon in removing free radicals from water.

Studies have also demonstrated Shungite can reduce the oxidizing and inflammatory effects of radiation, due to its conductivity similar to many metals. However, these studies focused on UV and Infrared frequencies, and one of the studies applied Shungite topically to cover the skin. The mineral was not able to fully block the radiation tested, and research did not take into account appropriate energy levels emitted by technology. Not enough research has been conducted on Shungite to corroborate even the above findings.

Elite Shungite, also called Type I Shungite, which is the purest and rarest form, contains very uncommon molecules called fullerenes. Fullerenes were declared the molecule of the year in 1991, but not discovered in nature until 1992. Natural fullerenes have only been found in fulgurites (rocks made by lightning strikes), meteorite craters, lava, coal, dinosaur eggs, and cosmic dust.

According to the 2013 International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, the main characteristic feature of the fullerene structure is “Carbon atoms are arranged at the vertices of regularly-occurring hexagons and pentagons, covering the surface of a graphite formed sphere. Due to the reticulated-spherical structure, the natural fullerenes and their synthetic derivatives are ideal absorbents and fillers.” The Journal claims that the fullerenes, present in only the Elite Shungite, are able to magnetize, neutralize, and destroy free radicals while remaining intact, thus making Shungite a powerful absorbing stone.

Theoretically, as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, it might be able to help cells recover better from harmful biological effects of radiation, such as oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation. Keep in mind though, that this effect would only happen with Elite Shungite, which is very rare, and therefore, extremely expensive.

In addition, most Shungite jewelry is made from Type II Shungite, which does not contain fullerenes. Even if it was made from Elite Shungite, simply having it around you or hanging from your neck will not have these effects.

Regina Martino, who has studied geobiology and bioenergy, and Shungite’s effects on humans, says that all living things emit an energetic field, or vital field (in yoga-speak this is related to your Chakras). She found that Shungite can realign the Chakras and optimize the vital field, not by eliminating disruptive energy, but by counteracting it.

As mentioned before, a material cannot alter a frequency or waveform of energy, so Shungite cannot harmonize EMF radiation to a frequency that is considered “good” for our bodies. Additionally, no scientific research has proven Shungite’s ability to block or even counteract radiation coming from mobile devices. Limited research exists showing its antioxidant and detoxifying effects, mainly in water.

While it doesn’t hurt to have around, Shungite probably serves its best purpose as your water filter.

Orgonite for EMF Protection

Orgonite is a man-made metaphysical substance that can be crafted from resin, metal shavings, and quartz. It is said to balance bio-energy, or a subtle life energy connecting and emitted by all living things.

This energy, Orgone, was discovered by Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud. You might know it as Ch’i, Prana, or Aether.

You might be familiar with the Freudian libido, the driving force of emotions and all behavior. Reich thought that this Freudian libido was a real energy, behaving as a bioelectricity in the body. Reich’s research supposedly found life-energy to be present and even directly observable under a microscope as a bluish-glowing energy surrounding all life forms called Orgone energy.

However, Reich was the only person who was able to see this blue glow under the microscope, and no one to date has scientifically reproduced his experiments or findings. The visible glow was the scientific basis for Reich’s proposed theory, since it was a visible, hence measurable, observation.

Because scientific instruments cannot otherwise measure this subtle energy, and Reich’s research on it was banned in the U.S. by the FDA in the 1950s, little to no current scientific work backs either the theory of Orgone, or the characteristics and potential healing powers of Orgonite. Websites and sellers of Orgonite do not go into much detail on how this molded rock actually works.

Some websites write that Orgonite behaves as an energy filter, taking in bad Orgone and magnifying good Orgone. As for the process, they say the quartz crystal inside the orgonite gives off a charge when pressure is applied, and metal scrapings will repel or project the Orgone energy while the organic materials attract the good Orgone. The resin shrinks as it cools and applies pressure to the quartz crystal.

A common effect maintained by those who believe in Orgonite’s abilities is a decreased sensitivity to EMF radiation, as the rock will recycle the negative EMF energy that enters it and turn it into good energy.

However, this description fails to address how specifically this transformation of energy occurs, and how the metal scrapings and organic materials determine bad versus good energy. The logic behind it has no substantiated evidence. It is also wholly reliant on Orgone’s presence, which has not been able to be measured or proven to exist.

Even if Orgonite could turn EMF energy into good energy, it would not be able to fully block EMF radiation from entering your body.

The Best Ways to Minimize EMF Radiation Exposure

With the rise of digital technology, a great deal of content continually circulates the Internet regarding protective remedies. So, it’s natural to want to explore the options that are widely advocated.

While the benefits of Shungite and Orgonite might be felt in some fashion by many, science has not been able to prove either as a solution or viable method for adequate EMF radiation protection.

These characteristics of energy and theories of cause and effect cannot be measured by scientific instruments. Shungite may be able to draw in toxins due to its high Carbon and Hydrogen content, but it cannot offer full body protection, unless you are completely surrounded by the stone. There is not one particular healing device or means of eliminating EMF, once and for all. From computers to televisions to radio to power lines to cell phones to WiFi-enabled devices, EMF radiation surrounds us constantly.

So, to place your trust in a mineral to provide lifelong, constant protection is, unfortunately, not realistic. However, if these alternative healing practices have a positive effect on you, it does not hurt to supplement them with other scientifically-proven EMF radiation reduction strategies!

These days, it would be extremely difficult to completely eliminate EMFs from your life, but you can easily minimize exposure by combining multiple EMF reduction methods.

  • Stay at least 10 feet away from WiFi routers. Turn your router your when not in use, such as during the night.
  • An EMF Blanket can help protect your body from a range of EMF emissions, coming from your devices, your WiFi routers, and the ambient EMF in your environment. It’s a perfect blanket for creating your own mini sleep sanctuary, or for use around the house or on airplanes during travel!
  • Consider using an EMF radiation protection case or shield for your devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops, to block up to 99.9% of emissions in the direction of the shield.
  • Avoid wireless headphones and opt for an EMF radiation-free set to eliminate exposure to the ears and head.
  • Replace your wireless devices with wired versions. For example, used a wired mouse and keyboard instead of Bluetooth models.
  • Be aware of how long you use your computer and mobile devices, and how close to your body they are. Try to limit the time you use mobile devices directly against the body.

Being mindful of the way you use technology and taking these simple steps to limit your exposure will go a long way to reduce the effects of EMF radiation on your health.

Watch Below for More Tips on EMF Protection:

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