EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Headphones

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EMF FREE Air Tube TechnologyDelivering sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires, the DefenderShield® EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Headphones offer an incredible listening experience while eliminating EMF exposure to the head.


  • – Virtually eliminates all EMF radiation to the head
  • – Crystal clear stereo sound quality
  • – Compatible with smartphones, tablets and other 3.5 mm plug audio devices
DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube HeadphonesDefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube HeadphonesDefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Headphones


Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

DefenderShield HeadphonesDefenderShield Headphones Diagram

The DefenderShield® Stereo Headphones rise above all other air tube headsets, because they are built with advanced speakers to deliver higher fidelity sound. At the same time, hollow tubes increase space for audio development, producing more body and delivering a vibrant sound. With these headphones, you can experience to the highs and lows of your music, listen to podcasts without distortion, and enjoy muffle-free conversations with your friends, all with the peace of mind that you are protected from EMF radiation.


  • EMF radiation-free technology delivers crystal clear sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires.
  • Headphone air tube and earbuds contain no metal conductors, virtually eliminating any EMF radiation exposure.


  • Advanced speakers deliver higher fidelity sound.
  • Air-filled hollow tube increases space for audio development, producing body and delivering a more vibrant sound.


  • Magnetic earbud end-caps provide a quick and easy way to clip your headphones around the neck.
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Built-in hands-free microphone with On/Off – Play/Stop switch.
  • Small, medium and large rubber earbuds for a custom and comfort fit.

Earbud Size: Small, Medium, Large
Compatible with most 3.5 mm audio devices

DefenderShield Headphones

Using DefenderShield® Headphones

Squeeze the microphone body once to answer the phone call. Squeeze again for 2 seconds to end the phone call.

Select from the multiple size rubber earbuds (Small, Medium, and Large) provided to find the right size. Proper fit should be comfortable, but have a secure fit in the outer ear canal. A medium size earbud comes attached.

DefenderShield Headphones DefenderShield Headphones


Squeeze the microphone body once to mute. Squeeze it again to resume two-way communication.

Squeeze the microphone body twice, rapidly.

Additional Information

Weight.175 lbs
Dimensions6.5 x 4 x 1.375 in

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