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Our Technology – Ultimate EMF Protection

DefenderShield® is proud to offer the most effective EMF protection shielding in the world. We provide functional, state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) protection for ultimate safety while using today’s modern mobile technology.

Our product lines incorporate a range of different shielding alloys that are scientifically-proven to block specific EMF radiation frequencies used by our smart devices and other electronics. Our products help to reduce your daily exposure to Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation and wireless Radio Frequency (RF) radiation, which includes cellular networks like 5G.


By placing our shielding in between your body and EMF-emitting device to help block direct contact with potentially harmful EMF emissions.

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Our custom-developed Ultra Armor® shielding technology is the only EMF shielding in the world that can block wireless frequencies up to 90 GHz, which currently includes the entire accessible 5th Generation spectrum. We incorporate this heavy-duty shielding into many of our device cases and sleeves. It is also used in our Ultra Armor Faraday Bags to protect your devices from RF hacking and EMP attacks.

Modern science knows of no other way of shielding this broad spectrum range of radiation from devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones, without utilizing a multi-layer solution to block both ELF and higher frequency RF emissions like 5G.

Types of EMF Emissions:

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Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation

0 Hz to 300 Hz

A low-power emission generated by any device with a power source (a battery or wall plug). This radiation is at the lowest end of the spectrum. It does not travel far, but “leaks” out from anything with power (power lines, hair dryer, power grid).

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Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation

300 Hz to 300 GHz

Emitted by wireless signals and networks (WiFi, Cellular Network, Bluetooth, etc.). This radiation is also called microwave radiation. Please note that consumer wireless signals and networks don’t yet reach 300 GHz. Today, wireless bands use frequencies around 600 Hz – 6 GHz.

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Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Radiation

Low / Mid Band:
600 Hz – 6 GHz

High Band / mmWave:
10 GHz – 100 GHz

Technically classified as RF radiation, 5G is split into 3 frequency bands. Low- & Mid-band 5G is used the vast majority of the time (under 6 GHZ) because they travel farther than high-band 5G, which uses a new category of wireless waves above 10 GHz, called millimeter waves. These can be seen in small 5G cell tower sites (in dense urban areas) and fixed wireless cable systems. You must have a new 5G-enabled device to connect to a 5G network.

Our Different Types of EMF Shielding:

We provide the best shielding technology available for all of our different product lines. Some products are able to include EMF protection up to 90 GHz, while other products, like clothing items, require different EMF protection materials specific to that product’s functionality. Below you will find the different categories of shielding we offer. Please note: We are always working to develop even more effective materials for all product lines, so these categories are subject to change.

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DefenderShield® Blocks:

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Fifth Generation Wireless (RF Radiation)

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Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (ELF Radiation)

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Cellular (RF Radiation)

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WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)

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Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)

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Heat Radiation

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Universal Phone Case

DefenderShield® is pioneering the health and wellness space in our modern digital world be helping to reduce your daily contact with EMF radiation emitted from laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices.