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 EMF Protection for Children & Mothers

  Bring your kids on an engaging journey alongside Henry Parker as he discovers the harmful effects of technology, and how to use it in moderation. Within our beautifully illustrated picture book, we unravel the potential negative effects of technology in an empowering way that makes sense to young minds.

EMF radiation affects everyone, but the most vulnerable populations include those with autoimmune disorders or EMF hypersensitivity (EHS), expectant mothers, and children. Kidsbabies, and unborn children are much more susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation, due to their body composition.

Conductive Tissues

Kids have watery, more conductive tissues, which allow EMF radiation to travel more easily throughout their bodies.

Developing Organs

Early exposure to EMF radiation can affect developing organs & body systems more, since EMF-injured cells are duplicating and multiplying as the child grows.

Small Body Size

Smaller, lighter bodies are more affected by EMF sources, since the radiation emissions travel farther into the body than within a larger adult body.

Aside from the vulnerabilities of a small, developing child, the current generation of children are also the first to be born into a digital world, instantly connected to technology for a majority of their lives. Technology is a great tool, but chronic exposure to it—especially from such a young age—might have more health ramifications than we assume. Limiting the use of mobile devices and reducing EMF exposure can only be beneficial for your child as they grow up. At DefenderShield, we are committed to creating effective and functional EMF protection for the next generation of digital natives.

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