The Real Truth About EMFs – Daniel DeBaun Presentation – Truth About Health Conference

Daniel T. DeBaun Presentation on EMF Issues at The Real Truth About Health Conference

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Daniel T. DeBaun Presentation on EMF Issues at The Real Truth About Health ConferenceConference Presentation – The Real Truth About Health (New York, Jan 26, 2020)

Our CEO and DefenderShield co-founder Daniel T. DeBaun traveled to Long Island, New York, at the beginning of 2020 to speak at the world’s largest free live health and environmental conference, called The Real Truth About Health. Attendees were able to learn the most important, scientifically-documented, current, and life-saving information about a host of issues surrounding health, wellness, and our planet’s well-being from the world’s top experts.

DeBaun spoke on a panel at this conference in addition to his keynote presentation and off-stage interview, which you can watch below. He discusses what EMF radiation is, the scientific research surrounding EMF effects on our bodies and planet, and gives great context into how this can affect our daily lives and our holistic health. He also provides simple and effective strategies to mitigate our daily exposure to this invisible toxin.

Daniel is a former telecom engineer and executive with over 30 years of experience in wireless technology. About 10 years ago, he discovered the harmful health effects of EMF radiation emitting from mobile devices, and thanks to his engineering background, was able to invent a shielding technology that could block the specific RF and ELF frequencies cell phones, laptops, and tablets emit. Dan also co-wrote a best-selling guide book to EMF radiation, with his son and co-founder Ryan DeBaun, called Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology.

Enjoy the presentation!

Topics Covered:

  1. How Daniel learned of EMF radiation dangers
  2. How the world has become hyper-connected
  3. The electromagnetic spectrum
  4. Ionizing vs. non-ionizing radiation
  5. Different types of low frequency EMF radiation
  6. How our devices emit EMF frequencies
  7. SAR standards and insufficient safety measures
  8. EMF and children
  9. Important studies and publications
  10. Researched health effects
  11. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  12. Blue light concerns
  13. How to protect from EMF
  14. What is 5G and how it affects us

Watch The Presentation Highlights (15 min)

Watch The Full Presentation (1 hour 20 min)

Watch The Interview Highlights (Playlist)

Watch The Full Off Stage Interview (1 hour 17 min)