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How to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

In the modern age, electronic devices like laptops, tablets and cell phones all emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), to protect yourself against this low-frequency energy emission would be impossible.

However, it is possible to mitigate the risks and decrease your exposure levels – thanks to physics!

Quick Re-Cap of Physics

Because of the nature of energy, radiation is exponentially stronger the closer you are to it.

Its strength actually decreases radially as you move away from it. In physics, it follows the inverse-square law.

The intensity is proportional to 1/distance squared.

This means:

  • If you are 2 inches away from an EMF source, you experience 1/4 the amount of radiation exposure as you would if you were just 1 inch away from it.
  • If you are 4 inches away from an EMF source, you now experience 1/16 the amount of radiation you would have if you were just 1 inch away.

We recommend that you keep most devices one foot away, to reduce exposure by 80%, or four feet away to eliminate exposure by 98 percent. Many cell phone manufacturers recommend keeping your cell phone at least a few inches away from your body at all times.

EMF Radiation Protection Options

Step 1

DefenderShield Icon Sources Phone

The more devices you have and use, the more radiation you are exposing yourself to. So many objects and devices now possess the ability to connect to an app through wireless frequencies, and this emits radiation.

One bee won’t harm you, but a swarm of bees can be quite harmful.

Getting rid of EMF sources will get rid of EMF radiation, so you don’t even have to worry about it. Remove EMF sources like WiFi routers, home voice assistants, extra televisions, and extra mobile devices you don’t use. Even if that means just removing them from the room you spend time in, you will eliminate a lot of unnecessary EMF exposure. However, there is still EMF radiation in the environment, thanks to WiFi hot spots, cell phone networks, and people around you using wireless devices. Be mindful of the second-hand sources you might be getting exposed to.

Radiation exposure takes time to have an effect.
 It is a trickling stream of energy that can effect changes on cells subtly over time. Short exposure may not affect the same level of change on your body as long-term exposure would.

Take advantage of this by turning on your cell phone only when you need it. Turn your computer on when you use it. Take breaks from using your devices when possible.

The chart below demonstrates ionizing-radiation exposure over time but also applies to non-ionizing radiation, which works the same way.The longer you are exposed to radiation, the greater the effect it has on you. The pink blocks symbolize the amount of radiation exposure as a function of dose over time. Source: www.cdc.gov

Step 2

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Step 3

DefenderShield Icon Distance

The farther you are away from a radiation source, the less exposed you are to its power. If you want to protect yourself, you should keep at least some small distance between you and the source of the radiation.

Even a small increase in space between you and your cell phone or tablet, etc. can make a tremendous difference.

Being one foot away will reduce exposure by 80%, and four feet away will reduce exposure by 98 percent. That’s because radiation follows the inverse-square law. The laws of physics cannot be beaten!

We get it – wires are annoying. Technology has come so far, in that everything can now operate without a plug-in: computer mice, headphones, internet, phones, keyboards, monitors, speakers… the list goes on.

Unfortunately, when you take away the wired connection, radio frequencies are instead being used to connect devices, and this sends EMF radiation through the air around you, instead of through the tiny wire down on the ground.

So while you might think you are going back in time, using wired accessories will keep the EMF radiation in your household in check. Try using a wired keyboard, mouse, headphones, speakers and an Ethernet cable, instead of WiFi and Bluetooth options.

Step 4

DefenderShield Icon Wires

Step 5

DefenderShield Icon Shielding

It is possible to guard against Electromagnetic Radiation from mobile electronic devices, by using a radiation shield that can conduct, absorb, and dissipate the radiation that’s between you and the source. The amount of shielding or type of shielding you need to protect against different types of radiation depends on how much radiation the source emits.


You have several options to choose from for protecting yourself and your loved ones. If you feel uncomfortable with Electromagnetic Radiation exposure, you should educate yourself. Take steps to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Ultimately, you decide if it is worth protecting yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation exposure. It is up to you. You decide what makes you feel safe when surrounded by electronic devices is so commonplace.

Electromagnetic Radiation is energy. It can have a profound effect on cells over time. Research is still being conducted on a continuous basis to fully grasp the long-term effects of non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation exposure. In the interim, we invite you to learn more.