Shield Your Family from the Dangers of 5G, WiFi, Cellphone & EMFs – Motherhood Unstressed Podcast with Liz Carlile

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Motherhood Unstressed Podcast with Liz CarlilePodcast Interview – Motherhood Unstressed Podcast with Liz Carlile

For this episode, certified health coach and TEDx speaker Liz Carlile talks to DefenderShield founder Daniel DeBaun about EMF radiation and how it can biologically impact our bodies, specifically in women and children. Liz is a Top 50 Podcast host, speaker, and entrepreneur who has developed her own line of CBD supplements. In her Motherhood Unstressed podcast, Liz interviews experts of all types, including revolutionary authors, doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, life coaches, and spiritual gurus. Her goal is to garner key insights from their unique life experiences to help others live in the present by increasing happiness and reducing stress.

Liz spoke with Daniel about the science of electric fields & emissions, the biological impact of smartphones, tablets and WiFi, the impact of 5G and blue light, and—most importantly—solutions for protecting you and your kids from electromagnetic radiation. Daniel is an internationally recognized expert on EMF-related health issues, co-founder of DefenderShield, and co-author of Radiation Nation – Complete Guide Book to EMF Protection & Safety. He’s spent his 30+ year career as a telecom engineer, holding many executive positions before transitioning to helping others protect themselves against electronic emissions from our mobile devices. He is passionate in his current focus on electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation exposures from these electronic devices.

Enjoy the show!

Topics Covered:

  • The science of electromagnetic fields and emissions
  • The biological impact of phones, tablets, and WiFi on children
  • Solutions for protecting you and your kids from electromagnetic radiation
  • Weakened fertility
  • Women’s greater sensitivity to EMF’s
  • Why isn’t exposure common knowledge?




Daniel T. DeBaun

Daniel T. DeBaun is an internationally recognized and influential expert in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and shielding electronic emissions, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, SAIC and Telcordia. Daniel is co-author of recent bestseller, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, a complete guide to EMF radiation safety and protection. Daniel is also a highly regarded industry consultant, speaker as well as frequent guest national radio and television programs discussing EMF health issues.