FAQs – ConcealShield® Privacy Pouch


If I put my cell phone in the ConcealShield®, will I receive phone calls?

If you would like to protect yourself from EMF radiation, but still receive phone calls or messages, place your cell phone in the front snap pocket or front mesh pocket. If your phone is placed inside the VELCRO® pocket, your phone will not receive a signal.

Will placing my device in the ConcealShield® faraday pocket drain the battery of my cell phone?

Ideally, you should turn your device off or put it in Airplane Mode before placing it inside the Faraday pocket (VELCRO® pocket) of the ConcealShield®. While your device is inside this pocket, it will constantly search for a connection to a cell tower and this may drain the battery.

We do not recommend leaving your device in the ConcealShield® overnight, or longer than a few hours without turning it off or putting it in Airplane Mode first.

Where in the ConcealShield® do I put my cell phone and other traceable items to block all signals?

Place your cell phone, credit cards, passport, IDs or any other traceable items inside the VELCRO® pocket and press to seal the closure. When placing your phone inside this pocket, we recommend putting it in airplane mode or turning it off to preserve battery life.