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Trusted World Leader in EMF Protection & Safety!

ConcealShield Cell Phone Faraday Travel Bag – EMF + RFID Blocking Privacy Pouch

$99.99 USD

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The ConcealShield® Cell Phone Faraday Travel Bag with Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology offers 360° protection from wireless EMF radiation, phone tracing, card/ID hacking, and more.

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Faraday Pouch: ConcealShield Anti-Tracking, Anti-Spying, Privacy Travel Bag – EMF, RFID, GPS, FOB Signal Blocking Bag for Credit Cards and Passport
ConcealShield Cell Phone Faraday Travel Bag – EMF + RFID Blocking Privacy Pouch

$99.99 USD

Warranty: 1 Year

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    Pamela S.
    US US
    I recommend this product

    Faraday travel case for my iPhone

    I love my new case for my phone. I can put my phone with phone case still on it, into the travel case. There are two other pockets in the case and I can put my key fob in one of them and I can put some extra credit cards, cash and passport in another pocket and the faraday bag keeps passport and credit cards safe so my information can’t be stolen. He has a strap that goes over my shoulder and it protects my body from EMF transmission on all sides of the case. it was a must have item!

    ADELE B.
    US US
    I recommend this product


    Convenient use. Quality products


    Just in time for the modern world, the ConcealShield® Cell Phone Faraday Travel Bag takes privacy, security and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation protection to the next level, by blocking all incoming or outgoing wireless signals from electronic devices.

    The ConcealShield Faraday Travel Pouch uses DefenderShield’s newly developed Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology to completely enclose the device and block all incoming or outgoing signals. Cellular service and connectivity will be unavailable when enclosed in the ConcealShield Phone Faraday Travel Bag.

    Perfect for: Traveling, Airports, Crowded Public Events, Commuting, School, Business and Military applications

    All Features:

    • Uses our Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology to block up to 99% of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) EMF radiation & the entire 5th Generation spectrum (300 Hz-90 GHz)
    • World’s best intrusion-proof faraday bag: 360° military-grade EMF shielding capable of blocking all incoming and outgoing wireless transmissions from electronic devices, including RFID, NFC, Mobile, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth
    • Anti-theft technology helps secure data of trackable items like cell phones, credit cards and passports
    • Anti-spying technology helps stop hacking and tracing to maintain privacy
    • Protects from Radio Frequency (RF) EMF radiation (300 Hz-10 GHz) emitted by cell phones and other small electronic devices to minimize health risks
    • Multiple pockets allow for many uses

    The ConcealShield® Cell Phone Faraday Travel Bag Blocks:

    5th Generation Wireless








    Product Video:

    About Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology:

    Our custom-created Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology can block up to 99% of wireless (RF) radiation up to 90 GHz, including all bands of the 5th Generation spectrum: low-band operating below 1 GHz, mid-band or c-band up to 6 GHz, and high-band millimeter waves at 24 GHz and higher. It also blocks WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular (1G-5Gen), RFID, NFC, GPS, and other microwaves and radio waves.

    How to Use The ConcealShield® Cell Phone Faraday Bag:

    Shielding Medallion Icon

    Just place your mobile phone, credit cards, passport, IDs or any other trackable items inside the ConcealShield Cell Phone Faraday Travel Pouch compartment with VELCRO® closure and they become undetectable.

    You’ll be off the grid and under the radar, while also minimizing the health risks of wireless EMF radiation exposure. In this day and age of computer hacks, identity theft, and mass surveillance, protecting our security and privacy is not a suggestion, but a requirement.

    To protect yourself from wireless EMF radiation while still being able to receive a phone signal, place your phone in one of the other two front pockets. Your device will still be able to transmit, but your body will be protected from wireless EMF emissions.

    For more peace of mind in this day and age, the ConcealShield Phone Faraday Travel Pouch is the perfect solution for traveling, commuting, school, business, and military applications. In addition, you can use ConcealShield Phone Faraday Travel Bag in crowded public spaces, such as festivals, concerts, or amusement parks!

    Ways You Can be Attacked

    DefenderShield ConcealShield

    ConcealShield Users:

    • Travelers
    • Consumers
    • Educators
    • Corporate Employees
    • Festival/Concert/Amusement Park Attendees
    • Military
    • Police
    • Intelligence Agencies
    • Digital Forensic Investigators

    ConcealShield Applications:

    • Passport & ID Information Protection
    • Smartphone Shielding
    • Protect Credit Card Information
    • Prevent Hacking

    Weight (lbs): 0.24
    Dimensions (in): 8 x 5.5 x .5

    Additional information

    Weight0.1875 lbs
    Dimensions8.5 × 5.5 × 0.4 in





    All Ages