FAQs – DefenderShield® Tablet/iPad Cases

Tablet Case

How do I use the DefenderShield® Universal Tablet & iPad® Radiation Protection Case?

  1. Upon opening the case, verify it is the correct size for your tablet/iPad®.
  2. Place all four corners of your tablet/iPad® into the plastic corner clips. They should hold your device in place securely. Shielding is located in both the front and back sides of the case so you are protected while using your tablet on your lap.
  3. Use one of the two grooves on the inside front cover to stand the tablet/iPad® for landscape viewing. For portrait viewing, use the 360º swivel mount to rotate the tablet/iPad®.

Where is the shielding in the tablet case located?

The shielding in the EMF Radiation Protection Universal Tablet Case is located in the front cover and the rotating back cover that your tablet is affixed to. This ensures that your body is protected from direct contact with EMF emissions no matter how the tablet is positioned. If it’s closed, you will have protection on both sides. If it’s open and the front cover is on your lap or body serving as a stand for your tablet, your body will be protected. If it’s lying open and flat on your lap or body, the back cover will block direct contact with your body.