EMF Dangers from Cell Phones, iPads, WiFi: Rational Wellness Podcast

Rational Wellness with Dr. Ben Weitz

Last Updated on May 12, 2022

Rational Wellness with Dr. Ben WeitzPodcast Interview – Rational Wellness with Dr. Ben Weitz

On this episode of the Rational Wellness podcast, Daniel DeBaun, co-author of the book Radiation Nation, talks with Dr. Ben Weitz about the dangers of EMF radiation given off by cell phones, computers, iPads, WiFi, and microwaves etc. As evidence has been accumulating that there is potential harm and negative health effects from these forms of radiation, the industry has its head in the sand, telling us that there is no problem. Meanwhile the cell phone companies are having you sign wavers that they will not be responsible if you get brain cancer or some other health condition from cell phone radiation.

At the present time, we do not have the highest level of proof in double blind, placebo controlled studies on large groups of people and meta-analyses of studies that demonstrate that cell phone and other forms of EMF radiation cause brain tumors and other injuries.

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