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Last Updated on March 17, 2020

HealthSimple PodcastPodcast Interview – HealthSimple Radio with Kyle Reidhead

In our increasingly hyper-connected world, technology is everywhere and anywhere! But what is the impact on our health?

On this episode of HealthSimple Radio, learn how mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones emit a low level of radiation called EMFs. Research continues to show that this low-frequency EMF radiation can become harmful over a long period of exposure.

HealthSimple Host Kyle Reidhead speaks with former telecommunications engineer Daniel DeBaun, the co-founder of DefenderShield and co-author of the the EMF radiation safety book, Radiation Nation. Daniel has shifted his focus to reducing exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMF) emitted by modern technology.

During the episode, Daniel addresses the risks of EMF radiation, how it affects our body, and what we can do to limit our exposure and mitigate the impact. Tune-in below for great take-home knowledge that you can use to help protect yourself and your loved ones from EMF radiation!

Enjoy the show!