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Last Updated on April 10, 2023

Joey Plankey Receives Free iPad and EMF Protection Case from Apple-A-Day Foundation and DefenderShield

News Interview – ABC Action News Features DefenderShield

Joey Plankey, an 11-year old who was diagnosed with leukemia in May of 2021, received a free iPad with a DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Case thanks to a local Tampa Bay charity, the Apple-A-Day Foundation.

The Apple-A-Day childhood cancer patient charity is a local, Tampa-based not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to bring joy into the lives of pediatric cancer patients by gifting them brand new iPads and smartphones. They rely on donations from people in the Tampa community, which have slowed significantly during the COVID pandemic.

DefenderShield, located in Tampa Bay, realized they could donate not just iPads, but iPad cases with Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation shielding.

“Once we heard of [Apple-A-Day’s] mission and the COVID-related impact on their efforts, we wanted to help,” noted Daniel DeBaun, co-founder and CEO of DefenderShield. “Since our products are specifically designed to protect from EMF radiation, which kids are the most vulnerable toespecially kids undergoing cancer treatmentwe knew we could make a difference in the lives of a few of these little warriors.”

ABC Action News Tampa Bay reporter Robert Boyd interviewed DefenderShield’s Sarah Kivi about how DefenderShield EMF Blocking Tablet Cases can help Joey and other kids going through cancer treatments.

“[Our case] prevents the electromagnetic radiation from the tablet from getting into the child when their bodies are already kind of chemically overloaded from chemotherapy and those kids of treatments,” said Kivi.

Read more about how EMF radiation affects children here.

DefenderShield donated a total of 10 tablets and 10 DefenderShield EMF Protection Tablet Cases to Apple-A-Day. Apple-A-Day has donated over 80 tablets during the pandemic, and hopes the tablet donations can help pediatric cancer patients, such as Joey Plankey, stay connected to friends and family while undergoing cancer treatments.

“This is so huge for us. We were incredibly excited for the DefenderShield iPad cases and this is just blowing us away!” added Tara Gill, Director of Operations at Apple-A-Day. “These kids are absolutely amazing and their stories can sometimes be heartbreaking, but something as small as a tablet can change their life.”

DefenderShield hopes more local businesses will support Apple-A-Day’s efforts to bring a sense of normalcy to Tampa Bay’s courageous pediatric cancer patients in an otherwise scary and isolated battle.

Read the full article written by ABC Action News Reporter Robert Boyd here.

Watch ABC’s heartwarming news story on how two local companies are helping Joey and other childhood cancer patients below.

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This story aired on WFTS at 3:50pm EDT on August 25, 2021. WFTS is the home of ABC Action News and ABC Programming for Tampa Bay.

Read the full press release published by DefenderShield here.

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