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Last Updated on April 15, 2020

Learn True HealthPodcast Interview – Learn True Health with Ashley James

On this episode of the Learn True Health Podcast, host Ashley James interviews EMF radiation shielding expert, co-author of the EMF safety book Radiation Nation, and DefenderShield co-founder Daniel DeBaun.

It was a very personal journey for Daniel DeBaun. Before creating DefenderShield, DeBaun led the standards development and testing environment for a telecommunications product for probably nearly 30 years. He made sure products were compliant to the standards they had in the system.

There was one time six years ago wherein his sons visited him at home. It bothered him that they were in front of their laptops for several hours. He wife was similarly worried, so Daniel DeBaun researched potential dangers.

“I was stunned that there was a lot of evidence. So, I figured out a way to protect them. Eventually, I made a prototype wherein his sons began using them as well as their friends,” shares Daniel DeBaun.

He adds, “My conclusion was that there was a problem. We weren’t going to be victims from the technology in our environment, and I thought of trying to fix it. Plus my wife wanted grandchildren. That’s why she was concerned.”

At this point Daniel decided to to create DefenderShield, a brand of technology which effectively protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

To get a better understanding on EMFs, Daniel DeBaun explains what its all about it in this episode:

  • What is Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Dangers of RF Signals
  • Erratic Sleep Patterns
  • Natural Toxicity Program
  • The 5G Network
  • His Radiation Nation Book
  • EMF Safety Action Steps
  • DefenderShield Products
  • And Much More…

Enjoy the show!



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