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Last Updated on November 19, 2022

Podcast Interview – The Optimal Performance Podcast with Sean McCormick

Optimal Performance Podcast with Sean McCormick

Sean McCormick is a life coach and speaker who opened the west coast’s highest rated float tank centers in Seattle and Bellevue. He gives people tools, life-hacks, and the self-awareness they need to improve their lives. His podcast, The Optimal Performance Podcast, brings you the best health, fitness, science, and wellness information from the world’s brightest minds, most powerful teachers, and elite performers. The goal is to help you take you mental and physical performance to the next level, with cutting-edge bio-hacking techniques that you can immediately implement in your life.

Sean speaks to Daniel DeBaun, a world-renowned expert in EMF radiation and protection, about EMFs, 5G, and if there is any relation to 5G and Coronavirus. Daniel DeBaun founded DefenderShield after 30+ years as an engineer and executive in the telecom industry, working for Bell and AT&T labs. Daniel and his son, Ryan DeBaun, created DefenderShield after they discovered the potentially harmful health effects of EMF radiation emitting from all mobile devices. Thanks to Dan’s engineering background, he was able to invent a shielding technology that could block the specific RF and ELF frequencies cell phones, laptops, and tablets emit. Dan and Ryan also wrote a best-selling guide book to EMF radiation, called Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology.

Enjoy the show!

Topics Covered:

  1. Is there scientific evidence connecting 5G to Coronavirus?
  2. Why the acceptable amount of exposure to cell radiation is based on inappropriate data
  3. Research associating cell phone radiation with cancer
  4. Why other countries have halted the roll-out of 5G
  5. How to know if you’re hypersensitive to EMF
  6. How to minimize EMF exposure at home
  7. The problem with biometric trackers
  8. Why France has taken WiFi out of the classrooms





Daniel T. DeBaun

Daniel T. DeBaun is an internationally recognized and influential expert in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and shielding electronic emissions, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, SAIC and Telcordia. Daniel is co-author of recent bestseller, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, a complete guide to EMF radiation safety and protection. Daniel is also a highly regarded industry consultant, speaker as well as frequent guest national radio and television programs discussing EMF health issues.