DefenderShield EMF Shielding Effectiveness Meter Test Videos

Last Updated on January 15, 2020

EMF Shielding is a difficult thing to test.

We are always surrounded by some level of electrosmog and sources of EMF radiation, and the type of meter, distance to source, and location of meter related to the EMF source are all confounding variables that might give you different readings.

To eliminate these variables, we had our products tested in an FCC-certified independent lab, where more than 99% of wireless radiation was blocked. The results from our lab test can be found here. We have also included videos below that give you meter readings of technology using our EMF shields that you might expect in a home, far away from other radiating sources of EMF like WiFi routers and smart meters.

*Please Note* While the exterior design of these products might have changed since the filming of these videos, the shielding has stayed consistent or improved.

Below you can see how our EMF Radiation Shielding Phone Case performs, measured by the TriField Meter Model 100XE.

Below is a visual representation of the DefenderPad® laptop radiation shielding.


For more information on how to measure EMF radiation and shielding effectiveness, click here.