Can Modern Technology Lead To Negative Health Effects? Recent Survey Finds Many Respondents Are Sensitive to EMF Radiation

Last Updated on February 20, 2024

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Today’s technologically-dependent world has led to a rise in technology-related health concerns, from blue light exposure to mental health, especially from those mindful of their digital wellness and technology consumption. We surveyed people who visit our website and social media channels in the hopes of gaining insights from those who are mindful of EMF and digital heath. The results showed many are concerned and looking for ways to reduce their exposure. 

One of the major concerns circulating around technology use stems from Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation exposure. EMF radiation emits from all technology including mobile devices, televisions, WiFi routers, and any device with a power source. The advanced, personal mobile devices that we use today have only been around since the late 90’s / early 2000’s, meaning there hasn’t been very many studies done on the long-term health effects that can result from too much exposure. It’s only been 15 years since Apple released their first generation of iPhone.

Today, the health impacts of EMF radiation emitting from our mobile devices and wireless networks is quite controversial. Many claim that there is no conclusive evidence proving the harmful effects of EMF radiation, due to not having a clear bio mechanism of action. However, there is a preponderance of independently-funded research showing associations and even clear causation between EMF exposure and various health impacts, enough so that the precautionary principle should be employed until more research using current technology is conducted. And many doctors and scientists are now speaking out in concern that our mobile devices and networks are damaging humans, animals, and the environment. To top it all off, in August of 2021 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lost a landmark court case against the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) where the court ruled the FCC neglected evidence in determining their wireless radiation exposure standards, putting the health and safety of the public–and especially children–at risk. Research shows that children are the most vulnerable group to EMF radiation, yet the FCC has not addressed children when considering their standards. 

Chronic EMF exposure has been linked to reports of many serious medical conditions, as well as varying levels of physical and psychological symptoms. These include (but are not limited to) tinnitus, tingling or burning skin, concentration difficulties, brain fog, anxiety, irritability, headaches, and can even lead to long-term effects such as genetic damage, reproductive defects, immune system dysfunction and cancer.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) is a term coined by the European Commission to describe those who are highly sensitive to EMF exposure. People who suffer from EHS can experience one or more of the above listed health effects–whether it be minor tingling sensations in their fingers when on their device, or major to the point that their bodies can no longer function normally while in the presence of wireless frequencies. Although EHS is not a proper medical diagnosis in the U.S. due to lack of information and research on how it is caused and how it can be diagnosed, it is estimated that around 20% of the world population may suffer from it. Many with EHS may also have sensitivities to chemicals (MCS) or other environmental toxins, and many deal with chronic immune illnesses. 

In our recent survey, we found that 74% of over 400 people surveyed experienced one or more negative health effects when exposed to technology. These effects range from headaches and mood changes, to sleeping issues, and many see the effects take place within the first few hours of using their devices. In the same survey, respondents were asked whether or not they were sensitive to EMFs, and a whopping 66% of those who responded reported ‘yes,’ meaning the majority of people who are aware of EMFs correlate the symptoms they have while using technology with their own personal EMF sensitivity.

While the majority of those surveyed were already familiar with EMF radiation and DefenderShield as a company, other independent surveys have also shown a significant number of respondents who are sensitive to EMF radiation. While those with EHS may be the only ones that can feel the negative impacts of EMF radiation exposure, EMF frequencies, even at the low, non-ionizing levels emitting from technology, can impact many different parts of the body and cellular functions.

It is recommended that you keep most devices one foot away to reduce exposure by 80%, or four feet away to eliminate exposure by 98%. Keeping WiFi and Bluetooth settings turned off on your phone when not in use, or making use of Airplane mode can also greatly reduce your risk. On top of this, investing in EMF shielding products such as phone cases, laptop sleeves, blankets, clothes, etc., can bring you a greater peace of mind when around your devices. 

DefenderShield offers the most effective EMF shielding products on the market today. Their products range from phone cases and laptop sleeves to blankets and clothing, all of which are capable of blocking up to 90GHz of EMFs, including 5G–the newest cellular network. In fact, 98% of DefenderShield customers feel safer while using their EMF shielding products. The digital wellness team at DefenderShield® has also recently launched a new brand, Lightbody™, that delivers the next generation of nutritional supplements specifically formulated to help your body become more resilient to EMFs and other environmental toxins.

To learn more about EMF radiation and ways you can reduce your exposure, click here.

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Daniel T. DeBaun

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