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About 20% of people suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS), but due to lack of information and research, it often gets misdiagnosed. We created EHS Awareness Day in 2020 to raise awareness about EMF sensitivity. The more people know about EHS and EMF radiation, the more people will be able to take their health into their own hands and reduce their exposure to this invisible toxin that is quickly becoming the next health threat of our digital age.
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What is EHS?

Someone with EHS, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, has adverse biological reactions to electromagnetic frequencies emitting from electronics. This includes not just wireless electronic devices (although these use higher frequencies which might affect your body more), but anything with power: lights, refrigerators, meters, toaster ovens, etc.

Our digital world has created an environment that is filled with electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF. Many of these environmental EMF sources are too far away or not used enough to damage our bodies. However, the increased use of mobile technology is creating chronic exposure to these unnatural EMF frequencies, frequencies that our bodies have no defense mechanisms for.

EHS is not a proper medical diagnosis in the U.S., due to lack of information & research on how it is caused and how it can be diagnosed. However, it is recognized by numerous social and media organizations around the world. Concerns over EMF health effects go back 25+ years, when the European Commission coined the term EHS to describe self-reported clinical conditions attributed to EMF exposure. It is also referred to as electro-sensitivity.

Chronic EMF exposure has been linked to reports of many serious medical conditions, as well as varying levels of physical and psychological symptoms. This includes ringing in the ears, tingling or burning skin, rashes, fatigue, concentration difficulties and a foggy brain, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and body aches. Many conditions are self-reported, and the symptoms are nonspecific. However, this doesn’t make the condition fake or illegitimate; Multiple sclerosis, or MS, has many of the same nonspecific symptoms. A study from UC Irvine found extreme radio frequency (RF) exposure can produce severe illness that mimics MS.

Although correlations between EMF/EMR exposure and a range of symptoms have been established, no study has managed to determine if EHS is a predetermined illness, that is simply triggered after chronic EMF exposure, or if EHS can develop in anyone. However, estimates show that as much as 20% of the world population may suffer from EHS.

Much more information is needed in order for this condition to become diagnosable. However, for now, if you think you suffer from EHS, there are easy ways you can reduce your exposure and you can see if that helps your symptoms.

Prolonged Exposure to EMF Radiation Can Harm the Human Body in the Following Ways:

Short-Term Health Effects

Permanent Health Effects

Electrical Sensitivity

EHS Treatment with DoctorEMF

Dr. Russell Kort

For the past three years, Dr. Russell Kort has led DoctorEMF™, a collaborative effort to research diagnostics and strategies to mitigate the symptoms of EMF radiation exposure. Doctor EMF is an evidence-based collaboration between DefenderShield, Stress Reduction Strategies, WAVi, and Dr. Kort’s Clinic, K2 Pinnacle Health & Hyperbarics.

Dr. Kort measures a vast number of biometrics, including sleep, balance, gait, cognition, concussion, anxiety/depression, functional vision testing, predictive antibodies and the electrical flow/voltage of the brain, body and heart with an evoked potential EEG and HRV. Dr. Kort’s evidence-based clinic provides predictive diagnostic evaluations to develop personalized treatment plans with one goal in mind: Brain and Body RESILIENCE, the ability to adapt to the stressors in our current environment.

Dr. Russell John Kort has dedicated his life to help others who have suffered, just like him. He has been serving patients for more than two decades.


Phone Number: 1.800.261.9267