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Protecting Yourself from Unsafe Levels of Laptop WiFi Radiation

Using a Laptop with a WiFi Can Harmful

When used directly in your lap, laptops computers connected to the internet via WiFi may be harmful and it’s recommended that you use a laptop shield for protection.

Laptops and other electronic devices are manufactured to meet safety standards to keep electronic emissions low enough to insure the safety of the user.

However, when these standards were developed, perhaps we didn’t realize that people would be using them so close to the body for such long periods of time. All laptops emit Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation that include Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation.

Laptops consume power in their drive memory, hard drives, computing processes and other computer functions, which in turn, produce ELF radiation. Laptops equipped with WiFi or wireless 4G or 5G transmitters are emit RF radiation. Both these types of radiation emit into the skin, muscle and genitalia.

In the past, there was minimal concern for ELF radiation from computers, because our bodies were at a safe distance away. Computers sat on our desks, hardwired to local area networks (LANs).

Now, we use laptops directly into our laps, much closer to our bodies than we have experienced in the past. Additionally, EMFs are constantly emitting. This means that when you use the device directly in your lap, it is a constant radiation source exposing you to ELF and RF radiation for the entire time it is contact with your body.

RF radiation is considered thermal (heating) emission. Recent studies link exposure to health problems that include lowered sperm count, DNA breakage, memory loss, sleep disruption, decreased immune function, dizziness, headaches, higher blood pressure and reduced DNA repair capacity.

There have been recent studies that claim that RF radiation (such as that emitted by WiFi) can cause brain cell damage. The Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine also concludes RF radiation can increase the risk of autism.

Laptop WiFi Radiation Shield

Laptop WiFi radiation is a byproduct produced from the laptop computer. Using advanced, proven technologies, EMF radiation can be shielded from the body with laptop shield.

DefenderShield laptop shields are state-of-the-art EMF protection and offer the most complete radiation protection to shield for the body, with the capacity to shield ELF, RF and heat radiation.

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Daniel T. DeBaun

Daniel T. DeBaun is an internationally recognized and influential expert in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and shielding electronic emissions, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, SAIC and Telcordia. Daniel is co-author of recent bestseller, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, a complete guide to EMF radiation safety and protection. Daniel is also a highly regarded industry consultant, speaker as well as frequent guest national radio and television programs discussing EMF health issues.