Protecting Your Children, Baby, or Unborn Child from EMF Radiation

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

Baby Safe Month EMF Radiation

When a woman first becomes pregnant, she is no longer solely responsible for her own health… she is also responsible for another living being’s health.

And this developing child is much more vulnerable to toxins and unhealthy habits–what might not have any noticeable effect on you might cause lifelong problems for your child. This means cutting out as many toxins as you can, from alcohol and certain foods to toxic pollutants in the environment, both while pregnant and while raising your child!

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation emitted from tablets, cell phones, baby monitors and other electronic devices is one such environmental toxin.

EMF radiation is not always on the top of a parent’s list of things to worry about, yet it’s essential to limit EMF exposure to fetuses as well as babies and young children.

Science is still actively studying the effects of EMF exposure on the womb as well as on babies, but research studies already exist linking it to a number of health risks and learning disabilities later in the child’s life. In a study released earlier in 2023, researchers found exposure to EMF radiation during pregnancy can lead to inflammation and oxidative stress in babies — and oxidative stress can lead to cell damage and mutation.

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Below are some suggestions on ways to minimize the dangers of EMF radiation exposure to your children.

Tips to Limit your Baby’s Exposure to EMF Radiation:

  1. Try not to let your young ones use electronic devices like tablets or cell phones. Young children are more susceptible to the dangers of EMF radiation, because their bodies are still developing and absorb more radiation than adults. If you do allow the use, keep to short periods of time. Less than 2 hours a day is recommended, with no device use within 2 hours of going to bed.
  2. Keep your cell phone off your body while pregnant and away from your baby or toddler. Keeping your cell phone at least one-foot distance from your body as well as your child will decrease the strength of the radiation exposure by as much as 80%.
  3. Put your phone in airplane mode or turn off completely, when you don’t NEED to receive phone calls or messages.
  4. Hardwire your home with Ethernet cables instead of using WiFi.
  5. Purchase a wired baby monitor instead of a wireless model. Not only will this eliminate the RF radiation that would otherwise be transmitted in the baby’s room, it is a sure way to keep your baby off the internet.
  6. Never set your iPad or laptop on your belly while pregnant. The use of a laptop or tablet/iPad directly has been linked to health effects from prenatal exposure to radiation.
  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting TV screen time for young children, and this applies to watching shows on tablets. Not only does this limit EMF exposure, but watching TV around bedtime can cause poor sleep habits and irregular sleep schedules. Young children with heavy media use are at risk for delays in language development once they start school.
  8. When talking to grandma and grandpa on a cell phone or by video, set the device on a table away from the child and out of their hands. Creating distance from the source of the radiation will help limit the strength in exposure to the radiation.

There are so many health risks to consider with our young ones, but limiting exposure to EMF radiation is a very achievable goal. All it takes is a little common sense and mindfulness. 

We hope the above will help to give some guidance to how to protect your young ones or unborn baby from EMF radiation.

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