Laptop Radiation Shield: Protection Against Radiation and Heat

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Laptop Shield

More and more people are turning to laptops as their portal online, with as much as 55% of US households owning at least one.

Today’s laptops are sleek in design and allow for portable Internet on the go. Instead of a large modem, laptops have the modem or hard drive built right into a single unit. Additionally, most laptops have a long battery life, allowing users to go unplugged for hours.

Although there are many benefits to using a laptop computer, there is some danger in placing this wireless device directly on your lap.

Electromagnetic radiation and heat inherent with these devices may not only be uncomfortable but can pose hazardous health effects with heavy use.

What is EMF Radiation?

All electronic devices including laptops and tablets emit EMF radiation.

EMFs are non-ionizing frequencies. While these low levels of emissions are not strong enough to ionize atoms, like gamma rays and x-rays, they can still interfere with our bodies’ electrons, especially after a long period of exposure.

Laptops and tablets, as well as all other wireless devices, emit two forms of EMF radiation: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation coming from the electronic circuitry within the device, and also higher-energy Radio Frequency (RF) radiation when connecting to WiFi, Bluetooth, or cell tower networks. Heat is a by-product of these emissions, and can have its own effects on the body.

Many of us place our laptops, notebooks, tablets, and tablets on our laps, directly touching our body while doing our homework, when traveling, playing video games or just searching the web. Experts agree that ELF and RF radiation is more dangerous the closer to the source you are, with direct skin contact having the most adverse health effects.

Heat from our laptop computers are known to increase the temperature of our skin, potentially damaging the surface and causing skin conditions such as ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome.’

Laptop EMF Radiation Emissions Impact on the Body

The RF and ELF radiation emitting from laptops and other wireless devices has been proven through countless studies to have adverse biological effects on cells and processes in the human body after extended exposure.

This radiation has been shown to cause normal cellular functions to mutate, causing many health problems. Premature cell division, DNA fragmentation, and oxidative stress can all happen at the cellular level. This has been linked to bigger problems like insomnia, infertility, miscarriage, and a host of behavioral and cognitive problems, as well as cancerous tumors. One study showed EMF can damage DNA in sperm cells, decrease sperm count and affect male reproductive functioning. Although it may be unlikely, there is also a chance of developing testicular or prostate cancer from prolonged exposure to laptop heat.

In addition, EMF radiation is immunosuppressive, which puts you more at risk for developing diseases and chronic illnesses.

Pregnant women and children are also more at risk. This is because developing children are much more vulnerable to the effects of this EMF radiation, as it can saturate further into a child’s body, as well as have an increased effect on their multiplying cells and developing tissues.

Other factors, such as having jobs with higher exposure to radiation, such as miners, x-ray technicians, or nuclear plant workers have a greater susceptibility due to their environment. Lastly, people with genetic diseases, paired with radiation treatment, can often be more at risk. All of these high-risk individuals should be familiar with EMF protection.

Other risks have been associated with laptop heat, including Toasted Skin Syndrome, a skin condition characterized by long-term exposure to heat and change in skin pigmentation.

Hundreds of scientists, health experts, and doctors are aware of these effects, and instruct patients to decrease their exposure to EMF.

EMF Radiation Shield Benefits

To be safe and protect against the negative health effects, there are certain precautions to lower the chance of exposure.

First, you can just stop using your laptop and other mobile devices. However, this isn’t entirely practical in this new digital age. You can still reduce health risks by maintaining a good distance of at least a foot between your lap and your electronic device.

To block emissions from touching your body while using a laptop close to you, a  laptop radiation shield can be used to provide a barrier from unwanted radiation and heat, offering protection against consequential health problems, such as infertility and heat related effects.

An EMF shield is a broad term used to refer to any material form of shielding against electromagnetic fields. Consisting of any size, EMF shields can be used inside and outside homes, and are available in many different materials, such as fabric, paint, and thin substrates. The shield is made from various conductive materials that divert or absorb the radiation.

There are plenty of retailers online that sell EMF protection products, such as computer monitor screens, TV, or laptop shields. Other products are for smaller devices, like cell phones. Then there are products that are worn over your clothes, such as aprons, face and eye-shields. Some companies have even developed EMF shielding paints and bed canopies.

EMF protection in the retailing world also includes detection devices that assess work or home environments for unsafe levels of EMF presence. These include EMF meters that detect electronic, magnetic, and Radio Frequency fields. All of these devices are geared towards informing you about your surroundings and relative amounts of radiation exposure.

Laptop shields are designed to protect the user from radiation and heat emitted from a portable laptop computer. They work differently from an everyday buffer, such as a pillow, table, or blanket, which will not block radiation, and can actually cause overheating in a laptop.

A laptop shield conducts, absorbs, and dissipates electromagnetic radiation and heat from the lap area. It provides a platform underneath the laptop so the user can place a laptop on their legs without fearing exposure to the damaging effects of radiation. It also reduces the temperature and prevents excess heating by causing charged particles to lose their energy when they come in contact with the barrier or shield.

Many people are becoming conscious about the dangers of laptop radiation and a laptop radiation shield that protects from the full spectrum of EMF radiation (RF and ELF) and heat radiation can be used to minimize your exposure.

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