WFLA Daytime News Interviews Co-Authors of “Henry’s Tech-Free Trip,” Children’s Book About Digital Wellness

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

In early January of this year, Farron Hipp Co-Host of Daytime WFLA News Channel 8 in Tampa, FL, conducted an insightful interview with Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Zofrea, esteemed executives at DefenderShield and co-authors of the newly released children’s book, “Henry’s Tech-Free Trip.” Their engaging discussion delved into the inspiration behind the book and the important message on digital wellness it imparts to children in our modern, technology-driven world.

During the interview, Hipp first inquired about Ribeiro’s motivation for writing the book, where she shared that her own children, particularly Vincent Ribeiro, served as the inspiration for the character Henry. Recognizing the pervasive presence of screens in children’s lives today – be it in classrooms, homes, or through various devices – the book aims to help kids understand how to moderate their technology use and enjoy nature and family.

Zofrea then shed light on their shared background working at DefenderShield, emphasizing their firsthand experience with the negative effects of technology on individuals. She highlighted the contrast in the technological landscape between the past and the present, stressing the importance for today’s children to spend more time outdoors and be fully present in their surroundings.

The central theme of “Henry’s Tech-Free Trip” revolves around “digital wellness,” urging parents and their children to prioritize their overall holistic health in the face of today’s digital age. The book encourages mindfulness regarding screen time, nutrition, exercise, and other essential elements contributing to a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

Tune in to watch the full interview below, where Ribeiro and Zofrea delve deeper into the book’s creation and its vital message for children navigating the challenges of the digital era.

Video Credit: WFLA DAYTIME News Channel 8

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