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5 Ways to Reduce EMF Frequencies in Your Home – EMF Explained: Ep 16


There are many easy ways to reduce Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation exposure.

You can distance yourself from your mobile devices, use them for less time, or use EMF shields.

But another great option is simply eliminating as many sources as possible, aka the “number of bees” in the room. A swarm can really hurt you, but one bee can’t do as much.

  1. Turn off and unplug electronic devices when you’re not using them to eliminate both forms of EMF frequencies, radio and extremely low frequency signals.
  2. Use an Ethernet Cable for your devices instead of connecting to a WiFi router, which constantly emits radio signals. You can even get an Ethernet adapter to connect to your phone while at home!
  3. If you need a WiFi router, plug it into a Christmas tree timer so that it turns off every night, when you’re asleep!
  4. You can eliminate cell phone radio frequencies by keeping your device on airplane mode.
  5. Last tip is to bring back all the cords! We know wireless is convenient, but wired keyboards, speakers, & headsets are safer! Use an auxiliary cord in your car instead of Bluetooth, but if Bluetooth is your only option keep your paired device as far away from you as possible.