DefenderShield CEO and COO Featured on Fox News Discussing New Children’s Book

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

DefenderShield’s CEO, Kylen Ribeiro, and COO, Michelle Zofrea, were recently featured on Fox News Channel 13 in Tampa, shedding light on their newly co-authored children’s book, “Henry’s Tech-Free Trip.” The book aims to assist parents in teaching their kids the importance of limiting screen time.

Zofrea emphasized the book’s central message, emphasizing the need for a healthy relationship with technology. Inspired by Ribeiro’s son, the story follows Henry as he brings his tablet on a family trip against his parents’ rules, exploring the challenges of balanced technology use.

During the interview, Ribeiro shared her motivation behind the book, expressing a desire to share insights gained from managing screen time in her own home. The segment also highlighted a recent Penn State University study that revealed the disruptive impact of interactive screen time on children’s sleep.

Dr. Jennifer Katzenstein, a pediatric neuropsychologist at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, contributed valuable perspectives on the concerns parents face with prolonged device use. Ribeiro and Zofrea, who also co-own DefenderShield, a St. Petersburg-based company offering products that limit direct body contact with electronic devices, hope to convey a simple and relatable message through their book.

Vincent, Ribeiro’s son, played a significant role in shaping certain aspects of the book, offering a child’s perspective on explaining complex concepts. The authors aim to contribute not only innovative products but also awareness and understanding regarding responsible technology use, particularly for younger generations.

To watch the complete interview and learn more about “Henry’s Tech-Free Trip,” view the video segment here:

DefenderShield remains committed to providing practical resources for families navigating the challenges of screen time. Thank you for your ongoing support.

To delve deeper into the book or make a purchase, visit this link:

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