How do I turn off 5G on my phone?

If your phone accesses the 5G network (iPhone 12 series, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, etc.) there is most likely a way to turn off 5G connections, put in place because your 5G signal might be slower than 4G/3G networks, and it can really drain your battery. When your iPhone is in low power mode, it will only connect to the 5G network for streaming 4k video. Apple outlines other ways you can disable the 5G network in your settings. Just navigate to Settings, Cellular, Cellular Data Options, and select Voice & Data. You can turn on LTE, which will use only 4G LTE even when 5G is available. You can also switch on low data mode, which helps reduce WiFi and cellular-data usage by pausing automatic updates and background tasks. For Samsung 5G phones, you should be able to navigate to Settings, Connections, Mobile Networks, then select Network Mode, where you can disable 5G by tapping LTE/3G/2G (auto connect), 4G/3G (auto connect), 3G only or 2G only. You can also use our DefenderShield iPhone 12 Series and Universal Series EMF Protection Cases that come with our BRAND NEW Ultra Armor™ Technology, the only shielding technology that can block the entire 5G spectrum.

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