What is an earthing ground?

An earthing ground is a “connection to ground” for static electricity found in a room and around electronic devices. Electronic devices that plug into a wall socket have a grounding path to earth ground provided within a standard wall socket. The static electricity looks for the quickest path to ground which an earthing cable may provide. Occasionally, the earthing cable ground is used for electrically sensitivity people and extra device protection.

An earthing ground is NOT an conductive path for the electromagnetic emissions from laptops, tablets and cell phones. These devices emit Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) or Radio Frequency (RF) EMF radiation emissions. ELF or RF emissions will not travel the conductive path of an earthing ground.

An earthing cable will not provide any shielding protection from EMF radiation. That is what the DefenderShield® is designed to accomplish. There is very little static electricity emitted or accumulated by electronic devices because they typically self-ground. Static electricity poses no imminent health risk, but maybe a slight irritant for the electromagnetic hypersensitive.

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