What can I use to protect my family from the WiFi router in our home?

The best way to limit your exposure to WiFi is creating distance between yourself and the router. We recommend the router be placed as far a distance away as possible from the main living areas and bedrooms.

We recommend placing your WiFi router at least 10 feet away at a minimum from where you do daily activities.

WiFi uses radio waves and these signals follow what is known as the inverse square law. This means that as you get further away from the source, the intensity of the energy decreases. In the case of a WiFi router, if you were to double your distance from it, you would only be exposed to about a quarter of its energy. Even at a relatively close distance like 10 feet away, the intensity of the the emissions are dramatically reduced.

You may also want to turn off your router when not using it, or use wired Ethernet connections. You may also benefit from using a timer to turn off your router in the evening and back on in the morning.

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