Can 5G harm you? Is 5G safe?

5G is the fifth generation cellular network. It offers frequencies 20 times faster and data transfer rates up to 100 times faster than 4G. Scientists are concerned that 5G’s higher frequency will not only exacerbate the already researched health effects of 4G, but create new problems of its own that won’t be seen until 5G is already in place. It’s shorter wavelength means that it won’t travel as far, and cannot penetrate our skin as deeply. However, the increased number of cell towers needed to support this network will definitely mean more exposure to our bodies, and a study showed that while the depth of penetration was less, the absorption rate, or SAR, was higher for the skin. 5G uses different technologies than previous networks that might make it more harmful even if it can’t travel as far. The coverage is beam-based in 5G, not cell based. Its rapid pulsations are more biologically active and can cause disease at a faster rate.

Besides the health effects on humans, 5G could spell out potential disaster for bees, small animals, and crops, which might be much more affected by an artificial MMW frequency. It could also be trouble for international security, weather forecasting, and personal data privacy. Read more about 5G HERE.

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