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EMF radiation very close to the ear canal can have different biological and thermal effects, that can trigger Tinnitus, or a false auditory signal.

While not a dangerous health condition, Tinnitus can make it hard to sleep, concentrate, and hear what people are saying. It seems that Tinnitus can occur as a result of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure due to the very close frequency ranges between auditory and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) signals. Radio Frequency (RF) and ELF signals go up to 300 GHz, but at the low end, around 3 kHz, ELF can overlap with the auditory system. In clinical practice, records show patients with auditory symptoms during or shortly after using cell phones, such as warmth or pressure in the ear that is in contact with the device, as well as tinnitus, reduced understanding, or distortion in hearing frequency. Some report tinnitus onset or worsening associated with living or working around cellular, radio, and TV antennas. While the studies surrounding this subject are sparse, clinical data and cohort studies suggest a direct correlation of EMF radiation and Tinnitus, which has become a much more prevalent condition in the past decades.


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