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What is Blue Light? – EMF Explained: Ep 9


While Blue Light is not a form of electrical or radio frequency radiation, it is a form of light energy, which is also on the electromagnetic spectrum! 

Digital screen LED light is made of Blue Light, the highest-energy light our eyes can see. While your LED screen may look white, it is mainly blue, but coated with a lower energy phosphor.

LED light has its good qualities: it’s good for thin screens, saves energy, stays lit longer, and doesn’t break easily! But in this new digital age, we are beginning to see blue light’s harmful effects.

First, looking at something bright all day can cause digital eye strain, premature eye wrinkles, and fatigue. Blue light may cause damage to photoreceptors in our eyes that can lead to macular degeneration and dry eye. 

Furthermore, Blue Light delays the release of melatonin, a hormone controlling our circadian rhythm. At night, no melatonin equals no sleep! Poor sleep leads to low energy during the day, and a disrupted circadian rhythm contributes to a cascade of health conditions.

Protect yourself by lowering the brightness of your devices, and cutting back on screen time. You can also filter out Blue Light wavelengths by putting your device in night mode, using a blue Light screen protector, or wearing Blue Light blocking glasses.