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Biological Health Effects of EMF Radiation from Wireless Mobile Devices, WiFi – EMF Explained: Ep 13


Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF exposure from mobile devices has been associated with numerous mental & physical health effects. There are 5 groups of health effects that EMF radiation has been proven to be linked to, but this video does not detail the full extent of adverse health effects.

1) DNA Mutations and Fragmentation

Studies show EMF radiation can mutate and fragment DNA in your cells through oxidative stress, which can lead to cancerous tumors, a weakened immune system, and genetic changes.

2) Neurological Changes

When your brain is exposed to EMF, it affects your brain’s electrical impulses and functions. This has been shown to delay the release of melatonin, change the blood brain barrier and alter chemical levels that can affect mental health and memory.

3) Infertility

Studies also show EMF radiation can decrease sperm count, and make it harder for them to get where they’re going. In women, EMF has been associated with a 3 times higher risk of miscarriage.

4) Developmental Problems

Due to a child’s still-developing tissues, EMF exposure in the womb or during the first years of life has been linked to slowed growth, asthma, autism, obesity, ADHD and behavioral issues.

5) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS)

An estimated 20% of the population develops an acute sensitivity to EMF that can cause aches, tingling, fatigue, insomnia, and many other problems whenever they are near a source of EMF radiation.

However, since mobile device use is a relatively new problem, research on mobile device radiation effects is still developing.