Laptop Radiation Effects on Children

Last Updated on October 2, 2023

Laptop EMF Radiation Effects on Children
Children are more susceptible to laptop radiation than adults.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation are all around us. These forms of radiation are referred to as Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs for short.

EMF radiation exposure to humans has risen exponentially over the last 30 years as our world has become increasingly digitized. EMF radiation emits from sources such as power lines, cell towers, WiFi routers, house desktop computers, cellphones, tablets and laptops, just to name a few.

Laptop Radiation

Laptop use in our homes, businesses and schools continues to increase. They are a convenience, and yet a necessity in most cases. And this poses the problem.

When we use laptops directly in our laps we are exposed to laptop radiation at a zero distance to our bodies. In the scientific and medical communities there is a growing concern of the effect of laptop radiation to the adult body.

But what about our kids? Kids are inherently more vulnerable to stressors, environmental, biological, or psychological. As a toxin in our environment, laptop radiation can affect children and lead to many adverse health effects, from ADHD to higher risk of developing cancerous tumors.

What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)?

EMFs are energy emissions generated from within our laptop and other electronics devices we use in our laps.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation is emitted from the various electronic components within our devices such as computer processors, hard drives and other electronic parts.

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation emissions signals are generated by wireless devices that communicate to the Internet using WiFi and cellular connections.

Both can be dangerous.

The idea that children use laptops, tablets and other devices directly on their bodies is worrisome. Radiating fields are at the highest intensity at zero-distance, and are likely used in the lap for long durations of time.

Intensity, time and the combination of EMFs increase the potential health risks, particularly because children are more susceptible to laptop radiation dangers than adults.

Children are at Increased Risk from EMF Laptop Radiation

A child’s body absorbs more EMF radiation than adults, according to many reports including The Stewart Report as well as other studies.

In fact, in reviewing these reports, we find that children absorb up to 60% more energy per Kg of body weight than adults do.

EMFs can actually penetrate bone marrow up to ten times greater in children than adults.

The effects of these exposures can be accumulative and will span their lifetime at rates never seen by today’s adults or previous generations. Children can experience:

  • Future fertility issues
  • DNA damage
  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • Neurological and behavioral changes
  • Many other health concerns

Protect Your Children from Laptop EMF Laptop Radiation

With EMFs from electronic devices potentially more dangerous to children than adults, steps should be taken to reduce the health risks.

When possible, children using laptop computers, tablets like iPads and other electronic devices should place them on a desk or table, as a way of avoiding direct contact with the body. At one foot away, exposure decreases by 80%. 

If a child should use these devices in their laps, keeping radio signals off when possible by disabling Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular connections can mitigate exposure. Even if you are not actively using a radio signal, your device will actively be searching for one (and emitting EMF!) unless the transmitter is disabled in settings.

As an additional precaution, a laptop EMF shield, or a EMF blocking shield for other mobile devices, should be used to prevent EMFs from penetrating their young body in the most formidable years of their life.

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