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Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, are energy signals that can affect the skin differently, depending on the frequency level and power level. Some levels of RF (Radio Frequency) are actually used to heat skin cells to promote healing and blood flow. This is a targeted technique using specific frequencies, and long-term exposure is not much of a problem.

However, cell phone RF emissions are about 10 times higher than RF skin treatments, and chronic exposure to EMF in general does have its downsides. The thermal effects of EMF can cause burns, skin rashes, and Toasted Skin Syndrome, also called erythema ab igne, which can permanently damage the skin.

The energy from EMF waves, regardless of heat being present, can cause oxidative damage in skin cells which can lead to skin disease, inflammation (responsible for most modern diseases, from diabetes to autoimmune diseases), and cancer. This might also be responsible for premature skin aging, as your skin cells face chronic stress.

5G (Fifth Generation) mobile frequencies specifically may affect the skin more so than other EMF frequencies. One study revealed that waves over 60 GHz (5G) penetrated skin by 90 percent. Dr. Martin Pall thinks because the 5G millimeter wave frequencies are so highly pulsed and more biologically active, they will affect our VGCCs (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels) more and cause disease at a faster rate, specifically on the outer one to two inches of our bodies. Pall predicts skin cancers will rise. 5G’s millimeter wave was used for non-lethal crowd control tactics by the military, in which millimeter waves (90 GHz) would penetrate a target’s skin to make the individual feel like their “skin was on fire” so that they would run away from the beam.

Those who are sensitive to EMF radiation can feel tingling hands and limbs, burning sensations, or that their skin is “crawling”. Soon, these symptoms might spread to affect more of us. A recent study by Israeli scientists reports that 5G frequencies resonate more intensely with human sweat ducts, sending EMF signals more effectively throughout the body.