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EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear Headphones

$184.99 USD

Shielding Medallion IconGet crystal clear sound quality while eliminating EMF radiation to your head and ears.

This product does not include a 3.5mm lightning/USB C adapter.

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DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Adult Headphones
EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear Headphones

$184.99 USD

Warranty: 1 Year


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Delivering sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires, the DefenderShield® EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Headphones offer an incredible listening experience while protecting from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation exposure.

The DefenderShield® EMF Radiation-Free Stereo Headphones are built with professional-grade stereo quality speakers, while air tubes increase space for audio development, producing more body and delivering superior acoustic sound. For other Air Tube Headphone options, take a look at our EMF-Free Air Tube Earbuds, and our EMF-Free Kids Headphones!

All Features:

DefenderShield EMF Free Air Tube Headphones


  • EMF radiation-free technology delivers crystal clear sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires.
  • Braided nylon cord is infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation.
  • Aluminum speakers eliminate RF frequencies.


  • Developed by audio engineering specialists.
  • Advanced, professional-grade speakers deliver higher fidelity sound.
  • Air-filled hollow tubes increase space for tone development, producing body and delivering a superior acoustic audio.


  • Foldable for easy storage inside the protective zipper case.
  • Adjustable headpiece for a custom fit.
  • Built-in hands-free microphone with audio controls.
  • Highly flexible yet strong air tubes and tangle-free braided nylon cord.


Product Video:

How to Use:

Place the DefenderShield EMF Free Headphones on your head with the “R” and “L” on the inside of the adjustable headpiece over the correct ears. Plug the EMF Free Headphones into any 3.5 mm audio device. Make sure to have the appropriate adapter for cell phones without audio ports.

Play music or audio on the device, and adjust the volume on both the device and on the headphones’ audio controller located below the air tubes. Make sure the audio is at a low conversational level (below 65 dB) before placing the headphones on your ears.

You can use the audio controller on the headphones to raise or lower the volume, play or pause audio, skip a track, and to answer or end phone calls.

DefenderShield EMF Free Headphones Audio Controller Switch

Experience crystal clear sound with the highs and lows of your music, listen to podcasts without distortion, and enjoy muffle-free conversations with your family friends, all while protecting yourself from EMF radiation.

When not in use, you can place the DefenderShield Air Tube Headphones in the protective zippered carrying case. Follow the instructions below to avoid bending or kinking the air-tubing, as bent air tubes may prevent sound from reaching the headset.

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Free Headphones Instructions for Placing into Carrying Case

PLEASE NOTE: iPhone 7 models and newer require a lightning cord adapter for compatibility with the DefenderShield Headphones.

Weight (lbs): 0.81
Dimensions (in): 8 x 7.25 x 3.5
Cord (in): 42.5 (from 3.5mm plug to speaker)
Air Tube Length (in): 5 (from speaker to headset)
Compatible with most 3.5mm audio devices
Patent License #: 6453044

Additional information

Weight.81 lbs
Dimensions5.25 × 7.5 × 3.5 in
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