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What is 5G? – EMF Explained: Ep 8


We want consistent access to the digital world, and we want it fast. Hence, a new generation of wireless networks… 5G.

If you aren’t familiar with fifth generation wireless, here are 5 things you should know about 5G.

  1. 5G was released by Verizon in four U.S. cities in October 2018, with general availability in 2020.
  2. 5G will give us data 100 times faster, and reduce the page loading period to a millisecond.
  3. It’s greater bandwidth will allow for more connections, bringing almost everything you can think of into the Internet of Things.
  4. But, 5G will be the first generation of wireless to use high energy millimeter waves, up to 300 gigahertz! In comparison, 4G only uses up to 3. Since these waves don’t travel far, thousands of small cell towers will be installed, 1 for every 850 feet. If you aren’t living near a tower now, you will soon!
  5. Of course, this makes it almost impossible to avoid 5G and other sources of EMF radiation. 5G is rolling out with no attempts to study the effects and risks of 5G emissions on our health. With what we know now about the effects of 4G and WiFi, this is a major oversight. Whether we like it or not, the 5G revolution is here.