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Pregnant? This is Why You Need EMF Protection – EMF Explained: Ep 7


While children are more vulnerable to EMF radiation than adults, the most at-risk age is actually before birth.

That’s because during the prenatal stage of development, it’s easier for EMF radiation to interfere with normal cell communication, which disrupts cell growth and multiplication. This could lead to health issues for the child later down the road.

Wireless radiation exposure during pregnancy has been linked to a 3 times higher risk of miscarriage, as well as a 3 times higher risk of the child developing asthma. EMF exposure in the womb has also been shown to affect the development of motor skills by affecting cells in the cerebellum.

In separate studies, prenatal EMF exposure has been linked to obesity, hyperactivity, memory problems, behavioral problems, low thyroid hormone levels, and even genetic differences in eggs of offspring. High levels of EMF exposure can actually change DNA chromosomes for subsequent generations!

Moms, but especially moms-to-be, need to limit exposure and use EMF shielding when using mobile devices.