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Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Safe or Dangerous? – EMF Explained: Ep 14


Bluetooth is an awesome technology that uses Radio Frequency (RF) signals to let us connect wirelessly practically anywhere, up to 30 feet! Bluetooth is a radio frequency signal that emits lower levels of EMF radiation than cellular or WiFi, but it can still be harmful close to the head.

Since wireless Bluetooth headphones have transmitters in the earbuds that send signals through your head, EMF radiation contacts your brain’s conductive soft tissue and interrupts your cells’ electro-chemical communication. This can lead to biological cell damage, ADHD, headaches and even depression.

So what can you do?

Using Bluetooth headphones with a wire connecting the earbuds is a good start. Traditional wired headphones are better because they eliminate wireless signals. But they’re not EMF-free since they send sound waves through a wire as electrical signals.

The best headset option is air tube headphones that deliver sound acoustically via hollow air tubing instead of wire, eliminating EMF emissions to your head and ears altogether.

Using speakers are also always a healthy way to keep EMF sources away from your body.