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Joanette Biebesheimer, MS – Biography


Joanette Biebesheimer

Joanette Biebesheimer has over 25 years of experience in biochemistry, public speaking and technical sales. She is the principal lead for DoctorEMF™ and is a practicing biochemist with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy. She coordinates multiple medical disciplines to establish clinic protocols, starting with biomarkers, practices and procedures. Her primary area of research is psychoneuroimmunology, focusing on the biological impacts of EMF.

As a biochemist and a breast cancer survivor It has been her life’s work to bolster her families’ immune systems, and to share these science-based strategies.

Biebesheimer’s integrative approach is to minimize cancer risks within the home: by assessing the EMF exposure, food, water, chemicals, supplements, health & beauty products, exercise and reducing stress.


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