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From an increased risk of Autism, Obesity, and Asthma, to poor mental health and learning impairments, children are more susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation in many ways.

Early exposure to EMF radiation can affect developing organs & body systems more, since EMF-injured cells are duplicating and multiplying as the child grows. Their watery, more conductive tissues allow EMF radiation to travel more easily throughout their bodies. Children absorb up to 60 percent more energy per pound of body weight than adults do. They are also smaller beings, so EMF radiation can travel farther through their body. Today’s standard for the maximum signal strength of cell phones is known to penetrate an adult head up to one inch. This same cell phone signal can pass completely through a child’s head! And for this new generation, they will have been exposed to technology for a far greater percentage of their lives, meaning chronic exposure will create more problems as they age.

How Mobile Phone Radiation Penetrates the Brain

While still in the womb, a fetus can face oxidative stress from EMF exposure, with studies showing an association with Autism, Obesity, and Asthma and high levels of EMF exposure during pregnancy. Pre and postnatal EMF exposure leads to oxidative stress and inflammation in babies even once they are born. Also after birth, EMF radiation and blue light can interact further with brain development – leading to poor mental health and negative effects on learning abilitiesdisturbed sleep patternseye damage, and changes to physical health.