What material can block EMF?

EMF radiation is a range of electromagnetic frequencies coming from electronic devices. It includes wireless radio frequency (RF) radiation, which ranges from 300 Hz up to 100 GHz, and extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, which ranges from 0-300 Hz. Many materials are capable of conducting wireless radiation (RF), including silver, copper, aluminum, and other metals. However, they all have different properties, and conduct different frequencies of EMF differently. Aluminum, or tin, is a pretty effective and affordable option for conducting EMF. ELF’s extremely long wavelength means it can go through materials that RF cannot. DefenderShield’s Advanced Technology Shielding contains multiple alloys and materials that can absorb, conduct, and dissipate EMF emissions, with many products capable of blocking ELF as well as RF. Our shielding prevents reflection of conducted waves to make it the safest and best shielding available.

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