How does the DefenderShield® Cell Phone Case shielding work?

The front cover of DefenderShield® Cell Phone Case contains a complex mix of highly engineered, superior alloy metals combined in a single layer and duplicated multiple times.Nanotechnology included in our shielding absorbs EMF frequencies while providing a resistive path for the energy. Our shielding does not draw in radiation like a typical conductive metal, but instead forms a resistive net, that effectively catches and blocks all radiation headed in the direction of the shield.

 DefenderShield® technology blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation from 0-10 GHz, which encompasses most frequencies used in the current 5G network. This includes both Radio Frequency (RF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation and does not, in any way, influence the transmission characteristics of a cell phone or other wireless device (i.e. block the signal or reflect radiation emissions). The shielding is not embedded within the back of the case so you can still receive cellular and WiFi signals.

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