What’s the difference between DefenderShield® and other EMF companies?

Founded by a former telecommunications engineer and executive, Daniel T. DeBaun, DefenderShield® has been recognized in the industry as the trusted worldwide leader in EMF radiation protection and education.

Over the past decade, our mission has been to support consumers in living healthy lives by sharing our knowledge of EMF radiation and its potential health issues while providing the most effective EMF shielding solutions possible.

DefenderShield® technology is the only solution on the market that utilizes multiple layers of materials to conduct, absorb and dissipate the radiation that would otherwise be hitting your head and body. It blocks up to 99.9% of Radio Frequency (RF) and up to 98.25% of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) EMF emissions from 0-10 GHz, which encompasses all frequencies used in the current 5G network. No other company’s products protect this full range of EMF emissions. Our radiation shielding has been tested by an independent laboratory.

Read more about DefenderShield’s story on how we got started, and be sure to read Radiation Nation, a complete guide book to EMF radiation protection and safety, written by Daniel and Ryan DeBaun.

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