How Do I Set Up My DefenderShield® Universal Cell Phone Wallet Case?

  1. Open the wallet cover of the DefenderShield® Universal Phone Case.
  2. The case comes with two small metal plates and one large metal plate. Choose which plate(s) fit the back of your phone best. We recommend one large plate if you have a large phone with the camera located at the top of the back of the phone. We recommend the small plate if you have a smaller phone. If you have a phone with the camera located in the center on the back, use one small plate above the camera and one small plate below the camera.
  3. When ready to adhere the metal plate(s), remove the 3M paper covering the adhesive on the metal plate(s).
  4. We recommend placing the metal plate(s) onto an existing phone nesting. The adhesive can also be attached directly to the back of your cell phone. DO NOT adhere the metal plate(s) to the DefenderShield® Wallet Case.
  5. Place the back of your phone or case onto the interior backside of the DefenderShield® Wallet Case.
  6. To use the camera, remove your phone from the wallet case.
  7. For EMF protection, make sure the shielded front cover of the wallet case is closed and in between your phone and your head. When you store your phone, keep the shielded front cover closed and in between the phone and your body.
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