How does the DefenderPad® protect me from harmful laptop and heat radiation?

The heat emitted from the bottom of a laptop can reach temperatures as high as 115° Fahrenheit (46.11° Celsius). Laptops tend to overheat because there is not a proper path for heat ventilation, intake air vents may be clogged with dust, or the laptop no longer operates as designed because of age.

The DefenderPad® does not have cooling fans, however, the thermally-resistive surface material on the top of the DefenderPad® allows the heat produced by laptops to flow away from the laptop and prevents all downward air flow from reaching the body. The DefenderPad® provides a clear venting heat path which keeps the laptop operating without overheating. This kind of air flow pattern significantly reduces the chances of your laptop overheating while also reducing your exposure to potentially dangerous heat levels. In the process of diverting this heat, the DefenderPad® absorbs some portion of the heat and, although warm, the heat on the bottom of the DefenderPad® is well within safety limits.

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