What is EMF Radiation? – EMF Explained: Ep 1


What is EMF? Can EMF radiation be harmful? This video has all the information you need to know on what EMF radiation is, where it comes from, and how it effects the body!

An Electromagnetic Field, or EMF, is a byproduct of an electrical current. The electromagnetic spectrum shows the spectrum of emissions released by this field. Ionizing waves, like gamma rays and nuclear energy, X-Rays, and even some extreme UV Rays can instantly cause damage to the body.

Non-ionizing radiation is weaker, but it can still alter cells on a biological level after a long period of exposure. This includes visible light, infrared, microwaves, then the two we’re concerned about, Radio Waves (RF) and Extremely Low Frequency Waves (ELF).

ELF radiation emits from currents flowing in an electronic device. It is the lowest frequency of radiation, but all devices emit it. Anything that gets power from a plug or a battery.

Smart devices emit not only ELF radiation, but RF radiation. RF is radio signals, emitted when you place calls, use data, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Everyone is walking in this electrosmog, since everyone is connected to smart devices!

Direct skin contact with your devices, especially with they are against your head and other important organs, is the most harmful.

Even low levels of EMF exposure can break DNA strands, heat cells, and even change their makeup and disrupt entire processes in the body.

This can lead to reproductive effects, genotoxic effects like DNA fragmentation and fertility problems, glioma and menigioma brain cancers, cellular stress, release of heat shock proteins, cognitive effects, behavioral effects, sleep effects, integrity changes to the blood-brain barrier, and even create electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome.